Quick Improvements That Add Value to Strata Buildings

Strata buildings are properties of high traffic and use, meaning it’s subjected to more frequent wear, and damages than other properties. As it happens slowly, this wear can often go unnoticed, but over time it can have a detrimental effect on the overall value of the property, and the enjoyment of it amongst its tenants. Whether you’re looking to sell your strata building and want to ensure it puts it best foot forward, or simply wish to increase its overall curb appeal, Clean Green Strata has tips on what you can do. Read on to learn more.

Power clean the façade

There are few things a good power clean can’t fix. Tiling, bricks, stones, concrete, painted surfaces and more can all look as good as new after a thorough clean. We know you’ll likely be shocked at the level of grime build-up that’s slipped past you over time.

A fresh lick of paint

Spotty, flaking, or faded paint can have a real impact on the overall look of your building. Investing in a fresh coat of paint is a great and relatively inexpensive way to give it a fresh, new look!
If you struggle with frequent graffitiing, why not consider investing in anti-graffiti paint, as it will likely save you money in the future!

Fix broken tiles and more

Over time breaks will happen. Whether from the elements or human traffic, the most stunningly designed strata building can deteriorate quietly, until suddenly the entire building looks shabby. Don’t let small imperfections build up over time – get to them right away and fix them before they lead to more serious repairs.


Sprucing up the garden areas is one of the easiest ways of giving the whole building a real facelift. Whether it means trimming the lawn more regularly, planting some new trees and flowers, or giving it a complete overhaul – expect the value to grow on your property!

Investing in professional maintenance

Investing in a professional strata maintenance company ensures you have experts on your side who knows what needs doing, how, and how often. Not only that, but they’ll likely pick up on signs of wear before a costly emergency repair is on your hands.

Ask your tenants!

Who knows better about what needs doing than the people living or working in the building every day? You’ll be amazed at the engagement you’ll get from those affected if you show that you genuinely care about their opinion. This approach will likely point out areas of improvement to you that you hadn’t even considered – but which can increase the value of the strata building both to residents, and to the overall value. Your tenants will likely appreciate your taking their opinion seriously, too.

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