Reducing Pests Near Your Strata Building

Strata buildings – be they residential, commercial, retail or other can be an enticing destination for scavenging pests such as mice and rats. With increased human traffic on the property there’s likely more food and water – and perhaps even easier access inside. Not only are pests unsightly, but they can pose a threat to human health and safety, and can in the long run cause significant structural damage to the strata building. Clean Green Strata has tips on minimizing the risk of rummaging pests (and a possible infestation). Read on to learn more.

Remove food scraps and water to discourage scavengers

With warmer weather comes more rats and mice, and possibly an infestation. By letting food scraps and puddles of water linger around a strata building you are much more likely to invite rats, mice, and other scavengers to make a home of your property. So be thorough with what’s left out near the strata building – it can deter an infestation.

Reduce foliage and weeds

Snakes are increasingly being spotted in suburban Sydney, and spiders such as the Sydney funnel web have always been a common sight. While they don’t seek out residential areas on purpose, they come into contact with humans more often as Sydney grows.

Living or working in a building surrounded by shrubs, weeds, and tall grass can be a source of worry as we head into a warmer – and more active season for snakes. Increase safety from these dangerous creatures by keeping weeds whacked, grass trimmed, and foliage neatly pruned. Hiring a professional maintenance company can save time and effort and ensure a tiptop result!

Block entry points

This is key in stopping pests of all kinds from moving indoors. Mice and rats can squeeze through much smaller spaces than people are aware – and anything else can easily make its way through a door left open. So, if your strata building hasn’t been assessed in a while, it may be a good investment to source the opinion of a professional.

Call on a pest control service early

Whether mice keep scurrying around the bins, slithering is heard through tall grass, or there’s signs of an infestation indoors, there’s no point in wasting time. The sooner you get to the problem, the less structural damage you’ll have on your hands, and the safer residents and employees will be.

Involve those directly affected

Nobody wants a pest infestation where they live or work. Involving those directly affected is a great way to get more information about what pests may have been spotted, and spread information on how residents can help reduce the risk. From Clean Green Strata, we wish you a pest free summer!

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