Planting A Drought and Heat Resistant Garden

There’s no denying that Australia gets its fair share of heat waves and droughts. A drought means that water levels are insufficient to uphold normal water use, so preparing for minimal water use is critical. To combat the emptying of our already dwindling water reserves, Sydney has the Water Wise rules in place to limit the unnecessary use of water, and although we’ve moved out of the worst of drought for now, planting a drought-resilient garden can be the time, water, money, and effort saving investment you’ve been looking for.

Clean Green Strata is experienced in designing, executing, and taking are of stunning drought-resilient gardens across Sydney and beyond, and has tips and tricks on how to get started yourself.

Think Australian when choosing your flora

There’s a reason Australian flora has developed as it has. While the droughts we’ve seen in recent history have undoubtedly been more severe than those in the past, there’s no getting around that Australia has always been a heat and drought riddled country. Wildfires, drying rivers, and red sand – if flora can survive and thrive in these surroundings, chances are it can survive in your garden, too.

Whether you choose to buy your plants from local nurseries or larger businesses, don’t hesitate to ask them about what drought resilient Australian flora they’ve got on offer – you might be surprised at the range of stunning plants available to you.

Go wild with succulents

Succulents are famous for their hardy nature, and come in an exciting array of sizes, shapes, and colours. Dot them throughout your garden and be careful with over watering – many a succulent have died from too much love, care, and water.

For that stop-in-your-track look, why not invest in some quirky South African living stones?

Drought resistant doesn’t mean drab

But, you might say – I want my garden to pop! Well, we’re happy to say that all drought resistant growths don’t look the part. Add a splash of purple with a bold Bougainvillea or vervain, or warm reds and yellows with a Moss-rose purslane, blanket flowers or lantanas – these stunning, colourful flowers can thrive on much less water than hibiscus and other tropical counterparts.

Clean Green Strata is a Sydney-based strata facilities maintenance business passionate about keeping gardens beautiful, buildings clean, and people happy without using harmful chemicals or too much water.

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