Why Us

Why Clean Green Strata?

Clean Green Strata has been in the business of managing, cleaning and maintaining strata properties in NSW since 1992.

We are the only staff strata service in NSW.

Every person in a Clean Green Strata uniform has the training, qualifications and equipment to maintain your strata property for you.

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So you will never have to worry that Clean Green Strata might not have the tools or workforce to help you look after your buildings, common areas and surrounding gardens.

We have maintained properties that have more than 100 units. And we have also taken care of properties with as little as 4 units.

No strata property is too big or too small. We offer a range of services to suit any budget.

When deciding whether or not Clean Green Strata is the right company for you, keep in mind that before we quote, we will travel to your property to inspect it.

That way we can give you a fast and accurate quote before we start working with each other. Rather than giving you a rough quote, and then making adjustments.

The same staff members will service your strata property every time. So you’ll really get to know who you’re dealing with – and strike up a productive working relationship that helps you get the things you need done, done.

There isn’t a problem with your strata property that we haven’t already got a solution for.

The only add ons are if we change your light globes or your scope changes in the future. We understand that budget is essential for your strata property.

So in the unlikely event some damage should occur to property as a result of one of our services, you’ll be completely covered.

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We can come to you and inspect your property to provide a competitive quote. Mention our website to save an additional 15% off the price.

We also provide…

This is a quality control measure that allows us to maintain industry leading standards.

We can provide you with your own block assessment report on request.

This person ensures the training of our staff and the quality of our workmanship – to make sure you’re getting the best work done at your strata property.

We are happy to attend your AGM with your strata manager. This removes a level of follow-up for the strata manager and provides valuable feedback that could help us provide you with a better service.

We send bi-annual surveys direct to residents of the strata properties we service. This gives us an accurate response as to the quality of the service we’re providing – and how we can continue to improve it for you.

This program allows us to train and maintain staff to deliver work at a high professional standard. It gives our trainees specific knowledge of your property and what needs to be done to keep it clean and well maintained.

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