Why We Are Sydney Strata Specialists

Did you know that Sydney leads the nation when it comes to high-density living? According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, Greater Sydney houses 45% of Australia’s high-rise population, with almost 120,000 apartments.

This is one of the reasons we love providing strata services in Sydney – it keeps us extremely busy! We have always maintained that high density living is the way of the future in Australian cities, and we have perfected the art of delivering the very best strata cleaning, strata maintenance, strata garden maintenance and strata management services over the past three decades. We are Sydney strata specialists.

 With so many apartments and other strata property types to service, we’ve had to come up with an approach that keeps strata managers, tenants and residents happy.

 This includes:

Where in Sydney do we offer strata maintenance and strata management services?

You’ll find the Clean Green Strata team all over Sydney, working hard to provide strata cleaning, strata garden maintenance and more. Our Sydney strata specialists can be found everywhere from Chatswood to Sutherland. We service the Northern Beaches and North Shore, Western Sydney, the eastern suburbs and southern Sydney.

We also have four operations managers located around Sydney who provide quality control on your property for no additional cost. We find this is crucial in offering superior strata services in Sydney as we want to make sure all work done is completed to an extremely high standard.

Why are we Sydney strata specialists?

We have 30 years of experience in providing strata cleaning, strata maintenance, strata garden maintenance and strata management services. There is truly nothing we haven’t seen, so we have solutions for every single property. We also really value clear communication, as well as having good working relationships with our clients. If you’re keen to make the switch to Clean Green Strata, get in touch!