Strata Cleaning

Keep Your Strata Property Clean and Well-Maintained – With Daily, Weekly, Fortnightly, Monthly or Quarterly Strata Cleaning

Clean Green Strata believes that high density living is the way of the future in our modern cities. We are committed to enhancing an environment that residents can be proud of. We aim to provide a service that adds value to your living space and harmony amongst all owners, tenants and stake holders.

The Clean Green Strata cleaning service includes:

Cleaning carparks and communal areas
Cleaning glass and windows
Cleaning letterbox areas
Cleaning steps and walk ways
Clothes lines dusted
Graffiti removal
Mopping hard surfaces
Mowing lawns
Picking up litter
Pruning trees and bushes
Putting out, cleaning and bringing in bins
Removing cobwebs from foyers, car parks and light fittings
Replacing blown globes
Vacuuming stair wells and common areas
Weeding gardens
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Looking for a Company to Clean and Maintain Your Strata Property for you in Sydney, Central Coast, Wollongong or Newcastle?

Clean Green Strata has specialised in cleaning and maintaining strata properties since 1992. We have the equipment and experienced workers to keep and maintain any sized strata property.

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Why Choose Clean Green Strata?

We specialise in strata property maintenance – and have done for more than 30 years

So we have all the equipment, personnel and experience to help maintain your strata property – no matter what size it is, or what your budget is.

We have a staff training and quality control program

This helps to ensure that all the work done at your property is of the highest professional standard. All staff and franchisees are highly qualified.

All Clean Green Strata wear easy-to-spot uniforms bearing the company name

Making it easy for you and residents to recognise who is working around your property. (So you can easily make certain that the person working on your property will be there.)

We are happy to come to your Annual General Meeting if requested

This allows you and the owners corporation to provide personal feedback so that we can give you a better service. And also takes a level of follow‐up off the hands of the strata manager.

We can provide you with Property Assessment Reports

These reports are internal Quality Control measures we use to monitor the performance of our staff at your property. They are available to you on request.

All Clean Green Strata vehicles are clearly signed and branded

Each van is clearly branded with Clean Green Strata signage, so you’ll also be sure who’s pulling up on your property – and what they’re doing there.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When hiring for Strata Cleaning you want to make sure you go with a company that has the skills and experience to clean efficiently, regularly and ensure they are holding up there obligations as per the contract. Clean Green Strata offers a comprehensive service for a hassle-free option when it comes to Strata Cleaning. For example, Clean Green Strata employs Operations Managers to conduct quality control to make sure we are doing what we are supposed to, even better this quality control service is FREE when you employ Clean Green Strata.

Clean Green Strata is covered with a Workers Compensation insurance, professional liability as well as a public & products liability insurance.

There is no set time frame for how often a strata cleaner should come. This depends on the property and services required. Talk to the team at Clean Green Strata to tailor a schedule that works to your budget and property needs.

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