Wild Weather and the Impact on Strata Garden Maintenance

The east coast of Australia has received an unprecedented amount of rain this year and sadly our gardens have really copped it! While at first you might think, “What’s the problem? Lots of water is good for gardens and lawns!” – it’s actually the opposite. Persistent rain, like we’ve been seeing, can cause issues for certain types of plants and trees, as well as soil. And with the Bureau of Meteorology predicting a wet winter ahead, now is the time to get your strata management services sorted and put a plan in place to minimise negative effects.

With heavy rainfalls comes the following challenges for strata garden maintenance and strata management companies:

· Mowing wet lawns – this can cause damage to the grass and equipment
· Tree and plant health – wet soil can cause fungal diseases and root rot
· Pests – their numbers tend to increase after rain
· Weeds – they love rain and grow so quickly in these extreme conditions we’ve been having
· Toppling trees – continuous heavy rain has the power to move and uproot trees

Solutions for strata garden maintenance and strata management companies can be to:

· Remove any excess water where possible – sand or extra soil can help to soak up moisture
· Help aeration and drainage by adding compost to the soil
· Spot pests as soon as possible and apply the appropriate removal methods
· Tidy up plants – remove any damaged parts so disease does not spread. For plants that are beyond trimming, the Clean Green Strata team assesses the damage and works out the proper way to treat it. We’ve been working in strata maintenance and providing strata management services for three whole decades. There’s nothing we haven’t seen so we always have a solution up our sleeves!

The best thing strata managers can do this winter and going forward? Employ strata garden maintenance and strata management companies that have a preventative and not reactionary strata maintenance plan. Here at Clean Green Strata, we monitor plants and trees we know won’t take kindly to extra moisture and do our best to prepare them for the increases. And when it comes to lawns? We sort them out in advance, as part of the strata garden maintenance we routinely provide. Improving the soil’s drainage and aerating the soil before a predicted downfall can really help to mitigate harsh environmental impacts. For trees, it’s important they are planted at the required depth and in well-drained soil. It’s a lot of prep but it really pays off, and the clients we deliver strata garden maintenance for are always thrilled with the thought and care we put into their green spaces.

When it comes to finding the right strata management services or strata maintenance company to look after your property, look for experience as well as teams that are trained and equipped to maintain any type of garden. To find out more about what we offer in terms of strata garden maintenance, head to the Clean Green Strata strata gardening page.

We are certain you will make the right decision if and when you choose to hire a Sydney strata specialist or a strata management company.

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