Strata Garden Maintenance + Lawn Care in Spring and Summer Months

With warmer weather (hopefully!) on the horizon, it’s time for strata garden maintenance companies to implement strategies to help your property’s lawns not only survive but thrive. Sydney strata specialists, like ourselves, are already working with our properties to achieve this.

If your strata property has a lawn, you’ll know what an asset this is to your building’s residents. Green spaces, including grass areas, promote healthy lifestyles, are places where people can relax and unwind, or even picnic, play and exercise. That’s why keeping them in tip top condition all year round is so important and should be a key priority for anyone providing strata services in Sydney and beyond. But it’s important to note that extra care needs to be taken in spring and summer to maintain an excellent standard, as these sunny seasons are when outdoor spaces are used more regularly and suffer more wear and tear.

When it comes to strata garden maintenance in spring, Sydney strata specialists and strata maintenance teams across Australia should be focused on:

  • Weeding
  • Dealing with soil compaction by aerating the lawn
  • Fertilising

This year, lawns across the east coast of Australia have copped their fair share of water, so strata garden maintenance teams will assess yours to see how its coping, if drainage is required or if it can handle watering as the weather heats up.

By summer, the strata garden maintenance plan switches to:

  • Regular mowing (not too short!) – our strata maintenance team is across the adequate lengths for different grass types
  • Watering – soaking it once or twice a week at the roots (in adherence to water usage guidelines in your area) will keep the lawn hydrated over summer. If areas of your lawn are drying up in the heat, installing irrigation can be a good option – discuss this with whoever is providing your strata services in Sydney, Newcastle, the Central Coast, Wollongong, Canberra, Port Douglas or Cairns
  • Fertilising – fertiliser can be applied occasionally if strata maintenance gardeners feel it is required

Summer is peak growing time for lawns – and can also be a stressful period for them weather wise – so it’s important to have the right steps in place to care for them properly.

As always, Clean Green Strata is here to help. If you feel that you aren’t getting superior strata services in Sydney and beyond, check out our latest testimonials to discover the Clean Green Strata difference. Our strata garden maintenance gardening team is made up of trained horticulturalists with the tools to tend to jobs big and small. You can trust us to keep your lawns and property’s green spaces looking incredible from January to December.

In addition to lawn care, we can turf new lawn areas, prune trees, weed gardens, remove trees, hedge, remove green waste, give gardening tips and tricks, whipper snipper and edge, implement garden clean-ups, mulch, plant, maintain and more. We also provide excellent general strata maintenance in your outdoor areas, including cleaning, sweeping, litter removal, leaf blowing and raking.

We are Sydney strata specialists and are passionate about delivering the very best strata services in Sydney and beyond. Head on over to our contact page to get in touch about a free quote.

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