Everything You Need to Know About Winter Strata Garden Maintenance

Winter is upon us, but never fear – we have a strata garden maintenance plan for every season. Gardening is one of our most popular strata management services and the Clean Green Strata team are absolute pros at what they do, so our clients know their green spaces are in safe hands all year round.

Cold weather is no excuse to give up on your strata garden maintenance. So what’s the best approach in winter? Gardening in this season is all about preparation for the warmer months to come.

This is what the very best strata management companies will be focussing on at your property throughout June, July and August:

    1. Lawn maintenance

Does your strata property have a lush lawn area? During winter your grass can become compacted, meaning no water can get to its roots. One of the strata management services our team can provide when it comes to gardening is aerating the soil, which will allow the water to get through.

Weeds are another issue in winter due to rainfall. Part of our strata maintenance plan is to always catch weeds early and eradicate them. This helps to keep your lawn’s lusciousness for spring and summer.

    1. Cleaning up

Strata management companies should also be focused on tidying up gardens during winter. This includes raking up leaves and collecting fallen sticks and branches. This keeps the property looking its best and doesn’t make for a huge clean-up job for your strata maintenance crew come springtime! With cleaning one of the strata management services we offer here at Clean Green Strata, it’s absolutely no surprise that we’ve got this step 110% covered!

    1. Mulching

Here’s a great strata garden maintenance tip – mulching helps keep weeds from popping up amongst your gardens and hedges. It is one of the strata management services that keeps us busy all year round! In winter specifically, mulching also protects your soil from harsh weather conditions and keeps roots from getting too wet.

    1. Trim and tidy up trees and plants

Growth slows down over winter, so it’s the ideal time for strata garden maintenance teams to prune plants and tidy up trees. The benefit of this? Trimming back dead branches stops them from infecting the rest of the plant and is an effective way to ensure you’ll have a beautiful garden in spring. Certain types of plants, trees, flowers and hedges all require a different approach, and our strata maintenance gardeners will know just what to do when it comes your garden. We’ve been in this business for 30 years and unlike less experienced strata management companies, we have truly seen it all!

    1. Planning ahead

As we said, when it comes to strata garden maintenance, winter is the time for preparation and to look ahead. This means strata management companies should be chatting to strata managers about the property’s green spaces, gathering feedback and discussing any wishes or concerns. Superior strata maintenance comes from clear communication and good working relationships, and we love to work through ideas about gardening and any of our strata management services with our wonderful clients.

We are certain you will make the right decision if and when you choose to hire a Sydney strata specialist or a strata management company.

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