Wollongong and High Density Living: We’ve Got This City’s Strata Maintenance Covered

Our team is thrilled to be offering strata maintenance and strata management services in New South Wales’ third largest city – Wollongong! And did you know that around 80% of people in Wollongong live in apartments, townhouses and semi-detached houses? This means we’re quite busy in this beautiful part of the world and we wouldn’t have it any other way. From strata cleaning and strata garden maintenance, to property management services and general strata maintenance, we have Wollongong covered.

Here at Clean Green Strata, we believe that high density living is the way of the future in many cities around Australia, and our strata maintenance team is committed to creating and maintaining an environment that residents living in strata properties can really enjoy. Wollongong, with its high rate of medium and high density living, has really helped us perfect our approach to this over the last 30 years. It has also solidified the fact that no two strata properties are the same, meaning we tailor our approach and plans for strata maintenance and strata management services in Wollongong – and everywhere we work.

When it comes to strata cleaning, we know options are vital. Our amazing cleaning crew in Wollongong can provide strata cleaning services daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly or quarterly. We can tackle everything from common areas (vacuuming carpets and stairwells, mopping hard surfaces like foyers, cleaning windows and letterbox areas etc) to garbage management (putting out, cleaning and bringing in bins). We also offer graffiti removal and car park cleaning, which are extremely important in city areas like Wollongong. This is just a small selection of strata cleaning services we regularly provide. Head to our Strata Cleaning page for an even bigger list.

Just as no two properties are the same, neither are there communal gardens. Our approach to strata garden maintenance will depend on the type of gardens your Wollongong property has. But rest assured, our experienced horticulturalists and gardeners will take care of your property’s strata garden maintenance needs through mowing lawns, trimming and pruning trees, weeding, removing trees, hedging, conducting garden clean ups, mulching, planting and so much more. The Clean Green Strata team are pros on all things strata maintenance and gardening. We want the residents of Wollongong to love their green spaces and are always happy to offer advice, answer questions and come up with individual plans for properties. You can find all our strata garden maintenance services right over here.

Property management services are also popular with our Wollongong clients. We really like supporting strata managers and taking a load off their shoulders by offering strata caretaking and building management. Our caretakers and building managers can help with maintaining common property and areas, organising trades (oh what a huge time saver this is!), make repairs and even negotiate with service providers. The Clean Green Strata team has property management services down pat.

We love our Wollongong family and are so honoured they put their trust in us to provide the very best strata maintenance and strata management services!

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