What is Strata Management?

We have been providing strata management services for over 30 years in the most incredible locations on the east coast of Australia, including Sydney, the Central Coast, Newcastle, Wollongong, Canberra, Port Douglas and Cairns. It’s something that the entire Clean Green Strata team are passionate about, so you can expect extremely high standards from our building managers and strata caretakers.

But what exactly is strata management and what does it entail? So glad you found this blog. Below, we explain what it involves, the strata management services we provide, and also how Clean Green Strata differs from other strata management companies in Sydney and all the other amazing places we extend our expertise to.

Strata Management Services 101

Strata management is the act and art of taking care of a strata building to ensure everything runs smoothly and efficiently. An integral part of this process is a building manager or strata caretaker. According to the NSW Government, they can help the owners corporation with:

  • Managing common property (for example, taking out bins and recycling)
  • Access to common property, including for tradespersons and non-residents, and
  • Maintaining and repairing common property.

For more on what a building manager can do for you, please read our blog post ‘What To Expect From Your Strata Building Manager’.

Strata Management Services: What We Offer You

So much goes into the points mentioned above. There’s a lot to do and it needs to be done well, which is why run-of-the-mill strata management companies may struggle to maintain consistent excellence across areas like strata garden maintenance, strata cleaning, and general strata maintenance. From making sure common areas are hygienic and clear of hazards, to fixing broken lights and removing graffiti, all jobs are important to us and will be attended to by highly trained, uniformed Clean Green Strata staff.

To view our extensive list of strata management services, head on over here, or for our strata maintenance services, click here. Interested in strata garden maintenance services? Check out our Strata Gardening page.

How Clean Green Strata is Different

Not all strata management companies are created equal. Here at Clean Green Strata, we pride ourselves on showing our clients what sets us apart from the rest. We achieve this through:

  • Being available for you when issues need solving or you have requests or feedback for our hardworking team
  • Our first-class communication – your questions, ideas and/or issues won’t go unanswered or unsolved
  • Our technology-first approach to reporting. We use our very own IT operations system to keep you informed about what work is being carried out at your property. This doesn’t cost you any extra and it means you can see what’s going on in real-time

Our wonderful properties are always impressed with what Clean Green Strata teams can achieve in terms of strata management services. Our clients also love to leave us feedback. Want to hear what they have to say? Take a look at our latest strata maintenance testimonials. You’ll quickly see how we’re different to other strata management companies.

If you’re keen to find out more, we encourage you to read our story and learn about us here.

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