The Benefits of Pressure Cleaning

Pressure cleaning or power cleaning the outside of a strata property is strata cleaning magic. With help from a professional and experienced strata cleaning company, it’s an easy way to revamp your building’s appearance (as well as the look and feel of common areas) without getting out the paint or going to the extreme lengths and cost of a full makeover. Tiles, bricks, stones, concrete, painted surfaces and more can all look as good as new after a thorough pressure clean. That means walls, driveways, roofs, courtyards, and garden paths can be quickly transformed.

A pressure clean by one of our talented strata cleaning and strata maintenance team members can also increase street appeal and perceived value of your building. This is particularly important when wanting to attract quality tenants and residents. It also gives current residents a greater sense of pride in the place where they live. You might even find that they’ll want to make more use of the fantastic common areas your building has to offer!

Another positive of pressure cleaning is that it prevents damage to your property. The build-up of grime, dirt, algae and mould can seriously impact exterior walls and surfaces and even eat away at them, leading to higher maintenance costs or paying for the replacement of these elements. The build-up of these contaminants can also have negative effects on your residents’ health. That’s why it’s very important for your strata cleaning company to stay on top of eliminating these toxic substances through ongoing strata maintenance, including pressure cleaning. 

Strata cleaning + pressure cleaning testimonial

Don’t just take our word for it! Here’s some wonderful feedback from a Sydney client of ours:

“The team came yesterday and did the pressure cleaning. I want to let you know just how impressed I was with them. The job they did was so very thorough and it was done with such attention to detail that isn’t often seen these days. Their friendliness and professionalism was exceptional. You are fortunate to have them as part of your team and I hope they will be available for future work for us.”

Environmentally friendly strata cleaning

Clean Green Strata is a leader in providing strata maintenance and cleaning, and property management services, that are 100% free of environmentally damaging chemical solutions, as well as free of unsound cleaning and disposal processes. As a top strata cleaning company, we use powerful natural products, elbow grease and attention to detail to achieve perfect cleaning results for our clients every time.

More strata cleaning services

At Clean Green Strata, we also offer the following strata maintenance and cleaning services:

  •   Vacuuming and mopping of common areas
  •   Cobweb removal
  •   The cleaning of letterboxes and the surrounding area
  •   Dusting clotheslines
  •   Window and glass washing
  •   The cleaning of walkways and stairs
  •   Carpark cleaning
  •   Graffiti removal
  •   The cleaning of bins and bin areas

Strata cleaning can be carried out daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly or quarterly. You can read more about these services here. To find out more about our other property management services, we recommend that you take a look at our strata gardening, building management and strata maintenance pages.


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