Spring Cleaning Ideas – Clearing Up Space

Ah, spring time. Birds, flowers, warmer weather, longer days. Spring cleaning. Oh no! We know spring cleaning is the unpopular cousin of the many positives of springtime, but a spring clean is a great chance to clean those hard-to-reach nooks and clear your home of belongings that no longer reflect who you are. Clean Green Strata has tips on what to do, and how to make spring cleaning more enjoyable. Read on to learn more.

Purge your house

A spring clean is a great opportunity to purge your cupboards, closets, drawers and boxes of all the things you don’t need. On a sunny weekend day or a day off, lay out a big, clean tarp in your backyard. Next, carry all your belongings out on the tarp and start sorting. When we say all, we mean all your belongings (except large furniture). Clothes, knickknack, foods, sporting equipment, cardboard boxes, books. Make a day of it.

It’s amazing how much is hidden out of sight in drawers and attics. The thought of it alone can deter you from starting at all. This spring clean is your chance, but it’s important to be ruthless. Sort everything into the following categories: Keep, Donate, Sell, Throw.

Those jeans you bought but never wore? Donate or sell them. Those dead lightbulbs you haven’t thrown out because you didn’t know how to recycle them? This is the time to recycle them. By clearing out your home of the things you don’t want, you’re freeing up more space for who you are now and the things that reflect that. A thorough spring clean can prevent you from being bogged down by belongings of the past. Once you’ve gone through all your belongings, carry back inside only the things you really want to keep and know you’ll use. Make sure you’ve scrubbed and wiped down the cupboards and drawers.

Make some cash

Many people don’t realise that they can make real money out of their pre-loved possessions. Once you’ve sorted through all your possessions on the tarp take some photos of the things you think may sell, and put them on gumtree, or host a flea market.

Hack your spring cleaning – gamify it

Gamification is the process of making something that could seem boring and tiresome, into something fun and enjoyable by incorporating elements of games into it. App developers and websites are continuously trying to find ways to engage their users by making previously dull tasks into fun ones. Make a plan and reward yourself for hitting goals – why not use some of the profits from your purge to buy some rewards that’ll keep you going? We’re sure you’ll see the spring cleaning go by in a flash.

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