The Value of 25 Years’ Experience

With more than 25 years of industry experience under our belts, we’ve established ourselves as Sydney’s reliable strata facilities management company. While it hasn’t been all smooth sailing, our decades of hard-earned industry knowledge have provided us with an unshakeable reliability in approaching jobs, which benefit both us and our clients. Here are our top benefits of a long business history.

Starting out is messy

Going into any industry fresh-faced is daunting. In the beginning, even routine jobs can feel unexpected or hard-to-deal with. You’ll make mistakes, you’ll underestimate the time jobs will take, you’ll go into a job with the wrong tools.

Yet, when going into any business with passion and dedication, each new job provides an opportunity to learn, and grow as a professional. While this process of starting out a business, or in a new job can be frustrating (both for the contractor and the client), it is essential to growing into a reputable and reliable business. It lays the groundwork for industry knowledge. 

We’re never caught by surprise

One of the key benefits of having been in the business for such a long time is that we no longer get surprised by routine, or even more special jobs. After 25 years, you’ll be hard-pressed to present us with a job we haven’t met and dealt with.

This allows us to tackle each job with know-how and the right tools. That means that we complete standard jobs quickly and expertly, and tackle more unique jobs with tact and knowhow. It also allows us to budget both time and money appropriately, so that our customers don’t have to worry about our work going over budget or taking longer than anticipated. What we say, is what you get. 

Reliability becomes second nature

You can’t be in the business for 25 years without being reliable. Customers won’t buy it – partner contractors won’t stand for it. A 25-year track record ensures that you’re dealing with a serious and reliable company who’ll get the job done.

The experience is passed on

 One thing is training for a profession, another is learning it in your body. There’s no denying doing most jobs take time to perfect. We take in the brightest and most passionate cleaners, gardeners, building managers and more, and train them from the wealth of industry knowledge we’ve accrued through the decades. 

Diversifying services

Doing the same thing for 25 years would drive the most patient of people nuts. With 25 years in the game, we’ve broadened our services to include expert handling of nearly all strata facilities management. That way, our customers only have to deal with a single company for all of their needs.