Green Cleaning: Using Environmentally Friendly Chemicals For A Healthy Home

With our busy schedules, it’s easy to let cleaning take a back seat. When we do clean, we want it to be quick and easy, smell fresh, and remove the dirt right away. We’ve been sold the idea of convenience by cleaning product companies. This often makes us resort to chemical-laden products that are not only harmful to the environment but can be harmful to us. Because we do not see the effects of the chemicals right way, we might think it doesn’t do harm to us or our surroundings. But there are many benefits from reaching for eco-friendly options in the supermarket, or even opting for making your cleaning solutions yourself.

Keeping your house and garden toxin free is good for everyone

When a bottle reads ‘hazardous to humans and animals’, why do we use it in our homes? Yet most of us frequently wipe down surfaces with these hazardous chemicals, to keep our homes neat and, yes, safe. When we use harmful chemicals on our dinner tables, kitchen counters, floors and bathroom surfaces – and later eat off them or breathe in the fumes they let off, we expose ourselves, our family, friends and pets to them too.  Not only that, but the prevalence of harmful chemical cleaners in homes and businesses across Australia are harmful to nature as well. Flushed down the drain, it’s out of sight to us, but continues to harm nature.

Immediate and gradual hazards of non-eco-friendly cleaning products

When using cleaning products, there are a score of possible immediate hazards involved, from annoying skin rashes to dangerous and possible life-threatening poisonings. From unsupervised kids or pets ingesting the chemicals, to fumes burning your eyes or being inhaled, or acidic cleaning solutions burning your skin or causing eczema, non-environmentally friendly cleaning solutions are also non-human body friendly.

Buy eco-friendly options in store

The easiest way to ensure that you are kind to your body and your family is by making sure that you pick up eco-friendly options in store. With the world becoming more eco-conscious, many products free of harmful chemicals have cropped up in recent years. This has also put pressure on the rest of the market to mark their products and try to eliminate the biggest chemical baddies. Simply look for the eco-friendly option.

Homemade cleaning product solutions

No matter how careful you are when choosing your cleaning products in-store, it can be hard to navigate and research the many ingredients and chemicals present. A great option is then making your own cleaning products, which allows you to know exactly what you bring into your home. Common household items such as baking soda, lemon juice, vinegar and more are common ingredients. There’s numerous recipes online for inexpensive, quick and eco-friendly cleaning solutions.

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