The Importance of Providing Eco-Friendly Strata Management Services

Are you a strata manager that’s concerned about the environment or the chemicals being used in your strata cleaning and strata maintenance? There are eco-friendly solutions out there, and we’re proud to be providing them.

Here at Clean Green Strata, we believe in and wholeheartedly support eco-conscious strata management services. Being mindful of our impact on the environment has always been an important part of our business – so much so that ‘Green’ is in our name! It’s also something that has become increasingly more important to strata managers, building owners and tenants when considering strata maintenance for their properties and which strata management companies they’d like to partner with. We are excited to be working with so many clients who are on the same page as us and who consider their carbon footprint and general impact on the environment.

So, what do we do that’s different to other strata management companies when it comes to providing eco-friendly strata management services? It all comes down to our strata cleaning methods. The cleaning products we use at Clean Green Strata are 100% environmentally friendly and phosphate-free. What’s the issue with phosphates? Well, when phosphates end up in our waterways they can cause negative effects of aquatic environments, including animal and plant life. Why do this when there are other, gentler ways to ensure a high standard of strata cleaning and strata maintenance?

Our strata cleaning team does things the old-fashioned way, using good old elbow grease to get the job done. While other strata management companies may use harmful chemicals in their strata maintenance, we only use natural products when an area or surface requires a more powerful solution.

Some cleaning chemicals can cause adverse reactions when coming into contact with skin and can be toxic to our furry friends if ingested. It’s important to note that the products we use in strata cleaning are not harmful to humans or pets. We also don’t partake in any unsound cleaning and disposal processes in our strata management services.

And, above all else, it’s our exceptional attention detail that really achieves the best results for our clients. Providing outstanding strata cleaning services is key for us, and every single Clean Green Strata team member goes above and beyond in their strata maintenance duties.

We encourage all other strata management companies to consider the environment when planning and implementing strata maintenance and strata management services.

What You Can Do

If you’re a strata manager or building owner who cares about the environment and reducing your building’s overall impact on it, why not encourage your tenants to ditch harmful cleaning products and chemicals? We’ve got tips and tricks on alternative options over on our Green Cleaning: Using Environmentally Friendly Chemicals for a Healthy Home blog post.

You can also employ us to take care of all your strata management services, including strata maintenance and strata cleaning. We always consider the environment in the work that we do and are always available to chat through any ideas or concerns you have regarding your property.

We are certain you will make the right decision if and when you choose to hire a Sydney strata specialist or a strata management company.

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