Attention to Detail in Strata Cleaning

When it comes to strata cleaning, we don’t cut corners. We believe all excellent strata management companies need to pay attention to the finer details. We know our strata managers, committees and residents all do – and we know they deserve a building or complex that is clean, cared for and that they can take pride in. 

In previous blogs, we’ve written about larger scale strata cleaning services (like power or pressure washing) and the amazing results these yield. But there are also smaller jobs, like the ones below, that are equally as important and contribute to a building or property looking its best.

Strata Cleaning: What We Hone in On

Our hardworking team of strata maintenance professionals at Clean Green Strata are superstars when it comes to making every corner of your strata property sparkling clean. This includes:

  •   Making sure all windows are spotless
  •   Dusting clotheslines
  •   Replacing blown light globes
  •   Removing cobwebs from all common areas, doors, gates, windows, carparks, stairwells, corners and light fittings
  •   Ensuring letterbox areas are clean, neat and tidy
  •   Picking up litter

We welcome feedback on Strata Cleaning as well as all our other strata maintenance services. We also encourage strata managers, committee members and residents to communicate their strata cleaning needs to us. If there are specific areas or jobs they would like us to focus on during our visit, we will go above and beyond to make sure these are cleaned to their satisfaction. Like all good strata management companies, here at Clean Green Strata we are big fans of open and honest lines of communication, and we really appreciate all the amazing feedback our properties send through to us. It motivates our cleaning teams to work even harder, knowing the positive impact they are having.

Strata Maintenance Testimonials for Our Cleaning Teams

These wonderful clients of ours are impressed by our commitment to providing the very best of strata cleaning services:

“I’d like to pass on my positive feedback and compliments to Jose and Sebastian for taking such good care of our complex including the cleaning and gardening. They really do a great job.”

“Could you please pass on to Clean Green Strata that I am very impressed with the cleaning of the complex. Our complex hasn’t looked this clean and tidy for a very long time. If this standard continues, we will be very very happy.”

“The job they did was so very thorough and it was done with such attention to detail that isn’t often seen these days. Their friendliness and professionalism was exceptional. You are fortunate to have them as part of your team and I hope they will be available for future work for us.”

Let Us Help You

We are proud to be one of the leading strata management companies in Sydney, Central, Newcastle and Wollongong. If you’re looking for strata cleaning excellence, please reach out. We’d love to find out about your strata maintenance needs and what strata cleaning services we could offer you. Contact us now.

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