Surprise Tenants with A Beautiful Outdoor Area Revamp This Summer

Do you have a backyard area in your strata building slowly being overrun by asthma weeds and clutter? Perhaps a communal BBQ has been grimed down to the point of abandonment, or a previously ivory-white birdbath has turned a splotchy yellow. Wear and tear happens over time, and can be hard to spot in the process. Clean Green Strata is passionate about strata maintenance, which is why we’ve written a blog with some top tips on how to spruce up outdoor areas leading up to this summer!

A little work goes a long way

We often avoid a job because we fear the amount of work and cost that may come along with it. But truth is, when it comes to outdoor areas it’s amazing what a few hours and some capable people can do with a space (whether that means lawn mowing, graffiti removal, pruning, weeding, sweeping, replanting, or something else). Once the job is done, we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how great the place looks!

It adds to residential morale

Nobody wants to live or work in a rundown building. Give people something to be proud of by showing them that the building they live in is worth the fresher upper. As a bonus – you may just notice that your hard work pays off in more ways than one. How? If a building isn’t well-kept, then those frequenting it aren’t likely to maintain it either. If it’s looked after, they’re more likely to make more of an effort, too. It’s a win-win!

There are many benefits that come along with it

Sprucing up outdoor areas isn’t just about morale or a cosmetic touch-up. Taking care of your outdoor areas can have some other great effects too. By minimising weeds – especially climbers – you’re likely to see less structural wear. Removing existing graffiti may well deter further graffiti – and if you’d like to be extra sure you can invest in some low-cost anti-graffiti paint. Overall, the property is likely to increase in value as a result, too!

Maintain rather than resurface

Once you’ve revamped the outdoor area, we always recommend scheduling in a regular maintenance service in order to maintain the fresh look. As a bonus you’ll enjoy a professional’s know-how and attention to potential signs of wear or damage on a regular basis.

It doesn’t cost as much as you’d think

Our experience as a professional strata maintenance service, is that many property owners, boards, and managers simply forego outdoor maintenance because they fear the cost. If you’d like to enquire about the cost of Clean Green Strata’s outdoor maintenance service – we encourage you to get in touch.