What Are the Benefits of Hiring A Caretaker for Your Strata Property?

As a property manager, you play an important role in ensuring that the strata you manage is well looked-after, both in terms of maintaining the property and of making sure that all rents and fees are paid on time. You’re also in charge of screening tenant applications, as well as budgeting and handling a whole mountain of paperwork. So when you’re hit with another job or issue, such as an issue with the owners corporation or a tradesperson needs instructions for a job, it can start to become a little overwhelming.

That’s where a caretaking and building manager can help. Available 24/7, a strata caretaking and building manager can handle all the tasks that would usually clog up your day, from maintenance of common property, to the sourcing and conversing with tradespeople.

Act as A Liaison Between Parties

A building caretaker handles the smaller or more frustrating jobs so that you have more time to focus on your responsibilities. One particular service they bring to the table is their role as a middle person between parties. This can include negotiations between service providers for new service level agreements, going in with the goal of saving you money, or hiring established and professional tradespeople to undertake jobs on the property and managing them during their work.

As well as general maintenance of the property, they also repair and control the use of common property, meaning that you won’t have to be chastising tenants for straying to out-of-bounds areas. Ultimately, the goal of the caretaker and building manager is to add value to your property through organising for its regular maintenance and upkeep, logging jobs with expert tradespeople, and representing your best interests in negotiations and disputes.

Add Value to Your Property

At Clean Green Strata, we have more than 25 years of experience in strata property management. We’ve seen where strata buildings started, and we can see the direction they’re heading. That’s why it’s more important than ever to establish a team that is committed to creating an environment where tenants feel safe and the property is kept at a high standard. Properties across Sydney and the Central Coast are becoming more dense, and the competition between strata properties fiercer. Let a caretaker make sure that your property is always a leader at the front of the pack.

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