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Frequently Asked Questions

Clean Green Strata offers the following different franchise models.

a) Strata cleaning and gardening – FULL SERVICE
  • i. Internal cleaning (vacuuming, mopping, cobweb removal, dusting)
  • ii. External cleaning
  • iii. Rubbish bin management
  • iv. Lawn care
  • v. Weeding
  • vi. Gardening and pruning
  • vii. Light globe replacement
b) Strata cleaning only
  • i. Internal cleaning (vacuuming, mopping, cobweb removal, dusting)
  • ii. External cleaning
  • iii. Rubbish bin management
  • iv. Lawn care
  • v. Light globe replacement
c) Gardening only
  • i. Lawn care
  • ii. Weeding
  • iii. Gardening and pruning
  • iv. Garden clean ups
  • v. Mulching and planting

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Do Clean Green Strata clean inside private residence?

No, Clean Green Strata do not clean individual residences. We focus on cleaning the common areas of properties which have a strata plan in place? The good news is this type of work generates a much higher price per hour.

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How much does a Clean Green Strata franchise cost?

The cost of establishing a Clean Green Strata franchise is made up of the following components:

  • A. Franchisee Fee – $15,000
  • B. Your legal and accounting costs (estimate only) – $5,000 – $6,000
  • C. Purchasing equipment and fitting out your vehicle with racking:
  • i. Strata Cleaning Business Unit: $7,000 – $11,000
    • ii. Gardening Business Unit: $9,000 – $14,000
  • D. Other general & administration costs (estimate only) $1,000 – $3,000

These costs do not include purchasing a vehicle which is typically financed.

In addition to these costs you can purchase existing work off Clean Green Strata to start up your business. Strata cleaning and gardening work is priced by taking a percentage of the annual value of the work. In the open market, strata cleaning work sells for up to 50% of the annual value of the work

For example, if the body corporate for a block of apartments in Ryde spends $10,000 per annum on cleaning and gardening, this work may fetch a value when sold of up to $5,000. Clean Green Strata sell work to franchisees at a discount to the market rate.

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What experience is required to become a Clean Green Strata franchisee?

While experience in cleaning or gardening is preferred, the right attitude and commitment to the Clean Green Strata service standard is the essential qualifying factor. Training is provided as part of your initial induction.

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How long is the franchise term?

The term of the franchise is 5 years plus a 5 year option to renew. The exercise of the option to renew will be subject to conditions, including the substantial compliance with your obligations under the Franchise Agreement and Operations Manual.

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Do I have to pay any fees as part of my Clean Green Strata franchise?

Yes. All franchisees pay a percentage of their revenue to Clean Green Strata. The fees are as follows:

a. Franchise Royalty 8%

b. Franchise Administration fee 8% – this amount contributes to funding the Support Office and account processing function which Clean Green Strata performs on all franchisees behalf.

c. Marketing Levy 2% – this amount is contributed to a marketing fund which is used to directly fund marketing and advertising initiatives for all franchisees collectively.

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Do I have to have a branded Clean Green Strata vehicle?

Yes. Vehicles are a great marketing tool, a bit like a mobile billboard. How your vehicle looks and what condition it is in says a lot about you and the care you take in your work. It is very important that all our franchisees vehicles are easily recognizable and inspire confidence in our clients.

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Do I have to wear a uniform?

Yes, all Clean Green Strata franchisees and their employees must wear our approved uniform. How you look will have a big impact on people’s perception of the work you do. Your customers will judge you instantly by how you look. Neat and clean uniforms are a key tool in instilling confidence in our clients.

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Do Clean Green Strata provide training?

Yes, all Clean Green Strata franchisees will undergo a 4 week initial training course. In addition we continually train you and your staff on the latest techniques, equipment and chemicals.

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Can I employ staff to help me service my portfolio of strata buildings?

Yes, if at any time during your franchise you want more work but are unable to find it yourself you can purchase more from us (depending on availability). We always sell our work at competitive prices so you can always keep growing your business.

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What happens if I bring in additional work?

If you bring work to Clean Green Strata that work is yours to service. If you do not want to service new work you have captured we give you a fixed sum reward for generating that lead. That work will then be transferred to another member of the Clean Green Strata network to be serviced. It is important to remember that all work performed by Clean Green Strata franchisees must be billed by the Support Office.

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How do I get paid?

Clean Green Strata invoice on a monthly basis and franchisees are also paid monthly. Franchisees are trained to produce invoices using a cloud based accounting package. The Support Office helps chase the franchisees debts while all you have to do is focus on delighting your clients.

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Do I get an exclusive territory?

Your exclusive territory is the buildings themselves. The density of residential blocks in many suburbs is such that it would require many franchisees to service the area. Exclusivity does not protect franchisees from competitors establishing operations in the area. Customers will choose to engage from whoever they wish. Moreover, customers who are forced by companies to engage mobile units from a particular area are frequently disenfranchised by the lack of flexibility shown to them.

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Can I operate more than one Clean Green Strata van?

Yes, you may be granted permission to operate a second van upon meeting Clean Green Strata’s second business unit grant criteria. These criteria include demonstrating the successful operation of the first unit, that you are capable of operating the additional unit, and have a plan to be able to manage a second unit profitably.

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Do I have the ability to sell my business or part thereof?

Yes, if you wish to sell your Clean Green Strata franchise you can offer it for sale on the open market. Clean Green Strata reserves the first and last right of refusal to purchase your business at the market rate. It is important to understand we have to approve the incoming franchisee.

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